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 Alumni Hall of Fame 

Gahanna Lincoln High School Alumni Hall of Fame was created to recognize graduates who through their performance and achievement brought credit and honor to themselves and to Gahanna Lincoln High School. 2003 marked the inaugural year for the Hall of Fame.

  • Honorees must be a graduate of Gahanna Lincoln High School.
  • A period of ten years must have elapsed between graduation and eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • Honorees should represent a broad range of talents, achievements, and/or community service.
  • Areas in which nominees have excelled must include at least one of the following areas: the arts and sciences, humanitarian areas, professional careers, and community service.
  • A person may be nominated more than once.
  • A person may be nominated and inducted posthumously.
For more information contact Sharon Tomko at (614) 416-0298.

2021 Hall of Fame Inductees


2021 Hall of Fame Inductees
Maria Barnett                                          2001
Mike Faist                                                2009
Lori Orlinsky                                             2001
2019 Hall of Fame Inductees
Todd Miller                                                 1995
Matt Morton                                               1995
Jennifer Turner                                         2009
2018 Hall of Fame Inductees
David Spunt                                              2003
Stephanie Ladson-Wofford                   1978
Mary Yost                                                  1970
2017 Hall of Fame Inductees
Cory Fritz                                                    2004
Ian Short                                                      1989
Jake Sigal                                                    1999
2016 Hall of Fame Inductees
Dr. Aaron Boster                                          1993
Ken Murray                                                    1969
Jodi Thomas                                                  1993
2015 Hall of Fame Inductees
Tom Gregory                                                 1983
Todd Krulcik                                                  1989
Dr. Daniel Pollyea                                         1995
2014 Hall of Fame Inductees
Amy Dudas Huddleston                             1992
Brian Kent Jones                                           1980
Michael Shank                                               1985
2013 Hall of Fame Inductees
Michelle Abraham                                         1992
Dr. Bill Shade                                                  1980
Eileen Schmidt Tatman                               1986
2012 Hall of Fame Inductees
Dr. Connie DeJong                                       1990
Dr. Brad deSilva                                             1994
Matthew John Markling, J.D.                      1989
2011 Hall of Fame Inductees
Jack Barckhoff                                            1975
Cynthia L. Gibbons, Ph.D., RN                1971
Ralph "Chip" R. Ingram, II                           1972
2010 Hall of Fame Inductees
Dr. Madaline Partlow                                 1975
Rosemary Fisher Hensley                        1953
Vic Wolfe                                                      1971
Cynthia Gibbons                                         1953
Chip Ingram                                                 1971

2009 Hall of Fame Inductees
John Phillip Herzog, Ph.D                      1949

Col. Scott Russi, MD                              1979

Wilbur “Wib” C. Strait                             1958

2008 Hall of Fame Inductees
Brig. General Jeffery Horne                  1976
Dave Clark                                               1975
Bill Houston                                             1974
Becky Kidwell                                          1971

2007 Hall of Fame Inductees

Major Richard Richkowski                     1988
Dr. Denise Ross                                       1989

2006 Hall of Fame Inductees
Yolanda Harris                                         1988
Gary Kitzmiller                                         1963
Daniel Mason                                          1965

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees
George K. Gamble, Ph.D.                      1975
Gary W. James                                        1967
Larry L. Lintner                                        1953

2004 Hall of Fame Inductees
Aloise Weiker Gref (Bobb)                    1961
Dr. Bradford B. Mullin                              1980
Edwin “Dubbs” Roush                             1940

2003 Hall of Fame Inductees
James M. Dysart                                       1934
Ruth Earl                                                     1930
Arnold Johnson, M.D.                              1935
Caroline Kane, Ph.D.                                1966
William R. Osborn                                      1964

Gahanna-Jefferson Education Foundation
160 South Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
Phone: 614-416-0298

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