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2023 GJEF Sponsors 


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Blue & Gold Legacy Society

2012 - 2021


A society of retired district employees who have provided generous financial support for our efforts to “Promote Excellence”

Lillian & Alan Acker Denny & Kay Hedges Steve & Cathy Morrison

Randy Allen

Cindy Herndon *

Jan Morrissey *

Marilyn Ashbrook John Hickman Babara Murdock

Jodine Beggrow

Betsy Hussey Bill & Mary Muryn *
Esther Benson Sherry Hutton Susan Nelson
Carolyn Bernosky Maurice & Millie Jones * Candy Nemeth
Sue Bethel Roberta Keller * Richard Nicholson
Carole Bickel * Kathryn Kelley-Garner Sandy & Gary Page
Carmen Bigus * Phil & Carol Koppel Connie Phillips *
Eleanor Binns Jerry Phillips
Patricia Bjerstedt * Monna & Robert Kracker Tony Piehowicz
Diane Bleimes Marilyn Kring Jayne Poches
Jennifer Block * Hank & Beth Langhals * Reba Powers
Peggy Breeden Norma Lanker * Patricia Puchalski
Robert Brugler Kymberly Lewis Mary Lou Purdy
Sue Buck Lyle Linerode Carol Ralston
Jan Burton Kathleen Lowery Donna Ranney
Karen Caldwell-Sheffer Mary Jane Magee Judy Ratzenberger
Jennifer Clippinger Joanne Mann Cindy Rogers
Russ Cochrane Ellen Maxwell-Antrim Lola Ronekovsky
Pat Cowman Mary Kay C Jack Schmidt *
Barbara Denner Donald & Jane McKillip Lori Scott
Michele Disbro Gary McKillip Linda Shannon *
Barbara Donohue Patricia McQuirt Karen Sheffer
Naomi Fodor * Nadine & Bob Mehl * Jeff & Kelly Shellhammer *
Dale & Jane Foor Keith Merrin Louise Siegel
Linda Fulton Mark & Susan Meuser Jim Singer *
Leanne Gabriel Carol Miller Eloise Souder
Joan Gardner Chuck Miller Shirley Stone
Charlene Greene Marjorie Miller Roger Viers *
Marilyn Grossman Chet Mohler Connie Weakley
Carol Heacock Dona Montgomery * Phoebe Wienke
Barbara Morris Becky Wolfe


* Denotes Lifetime members - donation of $500 or more

Gahanna-Jefferson Education Foundation
160 South Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
Phone: 614-416-0298

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